2020 Virtual Fest

The 2020 Virtual ACT Human Rights Film Festival runs October 1-10.  

Join us online for 21 films and 13 conversations with filmmakers and film subjects.  

Virtual Festival Overview 

We are using Eventivea virtual festival platform, to host our event. Join us from anywhere in the United States.  Watch our video tutorial on how to access the platform and navigate the site.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • In order to buy tickets or passes, you’ll need to create an account (or log-in with Facebook).  
  • All films and filmmaker Q&As will be accessible through the Eventive site (Chrome works best), or through their streaming app on your smart TV (available on Roku or Apple TV). Note: the live broadcast Q&As will not be streamed live through the TV app.  
  • Most films will be available to watch throughout the ten-day festival. Some are limited to a few days.  
  • Once you start watching a film you have 24 hours to finish. We have scheduled six watch parties with live filmmaker. Q&As so we can watch all together even though we are safely apart. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, we will post the Q&As later. 
  • We have pre-recorded interviews with seven other filmmakers.  

How to Buy Passes and Tickets 


All Festival Passes are $55.00 and include access to ACT’s entire 2020 festival programming slate.

  • You’ll need to create an account on our online festival platform to purchase a pass. 
  • Once you purchase your pass, you must pre-order (reserve) tickets for all the screenings and Q&As you wish to view. 
  • In order to ensure you have access (like the in-person festival, the virtual festival has a limited number of “seats”, or in this case screens, that can watch any given film – except our Shorts programs which are unlimited)we suggest that you pre-order tickets at your earliest convenience.  
  • Films will be available to watch only during our ten-day festival in October.  
  • Here’s our video tutorial on how to reserve tickets once you have a pass.


If you don’t wish to purchase a pass, access to view one film costs $10.  

  • You’ll need to create an account on our online festival platform to purchase a ticket. 
  • There is a small ticketing fee applied to each transaction (not to each ticket).  
  • To purchase a ticket, click on the title of the film you want to watch. Select “Pre-Order Now.” 
  • Each film (except for our shorts programs) has a maximum number of viewers that can watch over the course of the 10-day festival. Therefore, purchase your tickets in advance to ensure your access.  
  • CSU students can access films for $5 – but you need a discount code. Email: info@actfilmfest.org from your CSU email account to receive the code. 

Watch Parties & Live Filmmaker Q&As

From our homes to yours, join ACT as we watch films together safely apart. View ACT’s 21 films at your leisure or plan to join us to watch synchronously (or just log on for the live Q&As). We have six watch parties scheduledCan’t make it? Don’t worry, we will post the Q&As later. We also have pre-recorded interviews with seven other filmmakers.  

Start your virtual screening at the designated time and join the Q&A live directly from the Eventive site. You can submit questions via the webinar chat function. Here’s the schedule for our synchronous watch events:  

How to Watch  

ACT is partnering with the virtual film festival platform Eventive to host our online festival. You can access films from your computer, device, or on your TV. Check out our video tutorial to learn more about accessing and navigating the virtual festival platform.

Check out the help guide to see what requirements and how you can access films (there are a lot a ways to access films and Eventive offers live help if you run into trouble). https://watch.eventive.org/help  

If you bought a pass, you will still need to reserve tickets to films. Here’s a video tutorial on how to reserve your spot.

Get your home theatre ready

You have created your account and have your pass or ticket. Now plan how to watch the films from your home theatre.

  • Connect your TV (this is not an app for your device or phone – just for smart TVs).
    • If you own a Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Smart TV, or Apple TV you can download the Eventive app, connect to your account, and stream films. (Note: live Q&As are not available on Smart TVs Eventive App. Also, the Eventive App is for TVs and does not work on devices, tablets, phones, or computers).
    • You can also Cast or AirPlay the film to your TV. For this option, use your smart phone or laptop to Cast (Google Chromecast) or AirPlay (Apple) films to your TV.
    • You can plug your laptop or device into your TV through an HDMI cable.
    • Run into trouble? Check out the tech help or chat with someone.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • You will not be able to access films if you are logged into a virtual private network (VPN). Films are only available to viewers in the United States and VPNs obstruct geoblocks 
  • Live Q&As are not available on the Eventive App on Smart TVs. You will need to log into those on a computer or other device or access through an HDMI cable or casting to your TV directly. See help for more details 
  • If you are using an internet browser, Chrome works best.

Had a comp ticket or other pass for our April 2020 festival? Email beth@actfilmfest.org