The Caviar Connection

Organizations to Connect With

Docudays UA

The team of the Docudays NGO and the Docudays UA festival is raising money for various aspects of support in Ukraine. They have created the DOCU/HELP support fund for Ukrainian filmmakers and the festival team to tell the world about Russia’s crimes in Ukraine, support those who are documenting these crimes, and continue to introduce the world to contemporary Ukrainian culture.

OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival

OKO is a film festival that takes place in the beautiful southern Ukrainian region of Bessarabia. OKO is a festival of ethnographic and anthropological documentaries, where the audience will watch and feel the heartbeat of small and large nations, get acquainted with the diversity of cultures, traditions, beliefs, and ways of life. OKO is a multicultural event where filmmakers, folklorists, anthropologists, and ethnographers will be able to better understand each other, share ideas, and agree on future cooperation.

Actions to Take