Si Pudiera Quedarme

C2Act Film Partner

ISAAC Interfaith Solidarity and Accompaniment Coalition Mission Statement:

As interfaith people of conscience, we draw on the teachings of our faiths and wisdom traditions to work in solidarity for human dignity and immigration justice, co-creating communities of welcome, recognition, empowerment and healing.

ISAAC’s vision is two-fold: (1) to co-create a context in which immigrants and refugees feel safe and supported, can thrive to their maximum potential, and are recognized for their amazing contributions to the broader community; (2) to create a community of meaningful connection, in which people from different backgrounds come into communion, share their respective wisdoms and resources, find joy and common purpose, and are mutually transformed through those relationships.

Actions to Take

Learn more about the film at their website: Si Puediera Quedarme

Learn more about our C2Act partner ISSAC at their website: ISSAC

  • For further information on our C2Act partner check out their social media: ISSAC (Facebook)

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