Call to ACT

Films screened throughout the ACT Human Rights Film Festival will hopefully engage your heart and mind – and spur you to action. Sure, Q&A sessions that follow each screening will deepen your understanding of the issue at hand. More often than not, audiences have one thing on their mind by the time Q&A sessions come to a close: “But, what can I do?”

Inspired by the Call2Action Program launched by the Boulder International Film Festival, the ACT Human Rights Film Festival is committed to helping audiences channel their energies and interests in making a difference in the world.

ACT films arepaired with one or more local, national, or international nonprofit organizations whose mission addresses or relates to the issue at hand. Representatives from these nonprofit organizations will be onsite and ready to help connect film-goers to additional information, opportunities for action, and organizational involvement at home and beyond.

Fort Collins Sustainability Group

The Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG) develops and advocates strategies for becoming a sustainable community, with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to levels consistent with a stable climate.


American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado

The mission of the ACLU of Colorado is to protect, defend and extend the civil rights and civil liberties of all people in Colorado through litigation, education and advocacy.

Cultivating Capacities

Cultivating Capacities

Cultivating Capacities is a grassroots support organization that empowers, develops and releases individual and collective potential of community. Through education, training and skill development, Cultivating Capacities provides a framework to effect personal and collective transformation in contribution to the betterment of community open to all members and ages of a population.


350 Northern Colorado

The mission of 350 Colorado (350CO) is to work locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future. 350 Colorado has established itself as the largest Colorado-based grassroots network focused on taking action to stop climate change

transition fort collins

Transition Fort Collins

Transition Fort Collins will foster local resiliency, sustainability and culture by expanding our local economy, building community spirit and cooperation, and sharing best practices as we learn from and teach each other how to live in a world of finite resources. We want Fort Collins to be ready for our future, not struggling to react to it

SAVA (1)


The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center’s mission is to provide crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling for all those affected by sexual violence and provide prevention programs through community outreach and education.

Global Villages Museum

Global Village Museum

The Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures strives to become an internationally renowned center for the celebration and preservation of world arts and cultures. Guided by this vision, the Museums mission is to foster and celebrate international connections between Northern Colorado and the world through exhibits of folk art, fine arts, and artifacts from around the globe and to provide international resources and educational opportunities.

Village Eath1

Village Earth

Village Earth helps reconnect communities to the resources that promote human well-being by enhancing social and political empowerment, community self-reliance and self-determination. We do this by strengthening intermediate and grassroots organizations through fiscal sponsorship, networking, training, research and advocacy.


League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters of the United States encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate. We believe in the power of women to create a more perfect democracy.


Launch: Community Through Skateboarding

Launch: Community Through Skateboarding is a Fort Collins-based 501 c3 non-profit organization that empowers individuals to better themselves and their community through skateboarding. We promote the positive, creative aspects of skateboarding by providing adolescents with an environment in which to engage in skateboarding as a form of recreation and creative self-expression; develop leadership skills through active volunteerism; utilize creative thinking skills through hands-on learning experiences; and make meaningful connections with their peers and their community.


Northern Colorado Intertribal Powwow Association

The Northern Colorado Intertribal Pow-wow Association, Inc. celebrates our Native American heritage and helps to preserve our culture through honoring our ancestors and inspiring our youth while increasing public awareness. We do this by sharing our values and providing educational and cultural experiences through music, dance, food, and the arts.


The Music District

The Music District is a dynamic gathering hub, workspace, and creative playground for the music community. A living laboratory, it will continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the northern Colorado landscape and the wider music world.

Rams for Refugees

Rams For Refugees

The mission of Rams for Refugees is to bring awareness to CSU of the global refugee crisis and to promote the acceptance of refugees into society by collaborating with other organizations on and off campus, and by hosting an annual symposium to improve community relations and community engagement.


Native American Cultural Center

We are here to assist in your personal, social and academic growth by empowering you with the skill and strategies that will ensure a successful transition from your traditional home culture to university life. Help you make a positive transition to college life while maintaining the best of your native culture by emphasizing harmony and balance in your daily life. Educate the University and Fort Collins communities about Native American history, culture and philosophies, and about the unique needs of Native American students. Recruit Native American students through professional and personal contacts with Native American reservation schools and other communities with large Native American populations. Serve as an advocate on your behalf during your time at Colorado State University.

Plymouth logo

Plymouth Congregational Church UCC

Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, Fort Collins adopted a statement in January 2018 declaring themselves as an “Immigrant Welcoming Congregation” of the United Church of Christ to encourage the development of policies and activities within Plymouth UCC dedicated to facilitating respectful, compassionate welcome and inclusion of immigrants in our midst. This includes building relationships with the immigrant community in Fort Collins and Colorado and organizations who support them.


Women and Gender Advocacy Center

The WGAC provides confidential crisis intervention and emotional support, provide information about academic, legal, medical, emotional, and student conduct resources to survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. We also offer support to secondary survivors, such as intimate partners, friends, family, and you. In addition to advocacy, they also offer educational programming throughout the year, and has two on-campus community spaces. The WGAC is also home to the Red Whistle Brigade, a troupe of students who are responsible for providing educational programming in the areas of gender socialization, sexual violence prevention, healthy relationships, sexual health and more.


Zonta International

Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy. Zonta envisions a world in which women’s rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential. In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision making positions on an equal basis with men. In such a world, no woman lives in fear of violence.