Films on Black Lives Matter

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These documentaries provide different lenses through which to better understand recent instances of race-based police brutality (from Ferguson, Missouri to New York City) as well as the historical precedents (e.g., LA officers’ beating of Rodney King in 1992, the 1965 Watts Rebellion, etc.) that reveal how deeply entrenched or systemic institutionalized forms of racism are in this country. Some of these films, like LA 92 and Whose Streets?, provide alternatives to mainstream news reports by showing African Americans’ struggles from the street-level perspective of individuals directly involved in protests. All of these films inspire and educate in equal measure.

– D. Scott Diffrient, ACT’s founder and artistic director.

Note: Kanopy is free for anyone with a Poudre Library Card or CSU eid. Several streaming services offer free trials.

Films to watch:

Additionally, here are three films that honor and celebrate Black artists.


To learn more: CSU’s Vice President of Diversity’s team compiles thoughtful resources and articles on learning more about anti-racism and other biases. You can access these here.