Encore Screenings

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The ACT Human Rights Film Festival proudly partners with The Lyric to bring world-class films to Fort Collins for encore screenings. Missed Opening Weekend? No problem — you have a chance to see five films during the week, Monday — Thursday.

Minding the Gap
Monday April 9th
6:30pm at The Lyric
Focusing on Bing’s childhood friends Zack and Keire, survivors of domestic abuse and broken homes, this deeply personal exploration of toxic masculinity’s effects on young men and women is kept aloft by these subjects’ infectious passion for their favorite pastime, yet remains grounded in the very real poverty and violence that make escape from such conditions difficult if not impossible. Learn more about the film.

Nowhere to Hide
Tuesday April 10th
6:30pm at The Lyric
Nowhere to Hide poignantly captures Nori Sharif (the narrator/main subject)’s downfall from a middle-class nurse who videotapes others’ misfortunes on behalf of the director to a homeless refugee who roams the desert looking for food and water for his malnourished children after the destruction of his hospital. Learn more about the film.

Mama Colonel
Tuesday April 10th
8:30pm at The Lyric
One woman, the fortysomething Honorine Munyole, confronts the sexual abuse crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo head-on, hunting down perpetrators — some of them high-ranking government officials — who have long been shielded from investigations and prosecutions by corrupt politicians. Learn more about the film.

Crime + Punishment

Wednesday April 11th
6:30pm at The Lyric
Stephen Maing’s Crime + Punishment shines a light on a small group of African American and Latino police officers in New York City (the “NYPD12”) who put their careers and lives on the line while blowing the proverbial whistle on the racial injustices that have become so tragically endemic to their profession. Learn more about the film.

Freedom for the Wolf

Thursday April 12th
6:30pm at The Lryic
Traversing three continents and taking the viewer from the streets of Hong Kong (where a series of “Umbrella Movement” demonstrations against the Chinese government took place in 2014) to the U.S. capital (where hundreds of thousands participated in the Women’s March one day after President Trump’s 2017 inauguration), Freedom for the Wolf maps out a present-day history-in-the-making and reveals how the same spirit of protest can be found in everything from the Arab Spring to #BlackLivesMatter. Learn more about the film.

Get your tickets for the encore screenings through The Lyric’s website. Festival vouchers, passes, and 4-packs will not be accepted for encore screenings.