Please note that screenings during the 2018 ACT Human Rights Film Festival are located at the Lory Student Center Theatre, The Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre, or The Lyric.

Thursday, April  5

Guests: TBD

Student Shorts Competition Selections

Friday, 4/6

  |  Lory Student Center Theatre
Guests: Mila Turjlic, director & Srbijanka Turjlic, subject
  |  Lory Student Center Theatre
Guests: Camilla Hall, producer,  Patrick Hamm, producer & Andrew Gilmore, CMST

Saturday, 4/7

  |  The Lyric
Guest: Louai Haffar, producer
  |  The Lyric
Guest: Argaw Sahle, subject
  |  The Lyric
Argaw Ashine, Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas
Patrick Hamm, Freedom For The Wolf
Diane Quon, Minding The Gap
Keire Johnson, Minding The Gap
  | The Lyric
Guests: Diane Quon, producer & Keire Johnson, subject

Sunday, 4/8

  |  The Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre
Guests: Dieudo Hammadi, director & Honorine Munyole, subject 
  |  The Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre
Guest: TBD
  |  The Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre
Guests: Jessica Perez & Pedro Hernandez, subjects

Monday, 4/9

  | The Lyric
Encore screening

Tuesday, 4/10

6:30 PM  |  The Lyric

Nowhere to Hide

8:30 PM  |  The Lyric
Encore screening
UPDATE: Q&A with Director Dieudo Hamadi and Col. Honorine Munyole as been added to this encore screening.

Mama Colonel

Wednesday, 4/11

6:30 PM  |  The Lyric
Encore screening

Crime + Punishment

Thursday, 4/12

6:30 PM  | The Lyric
Encore screening

Freedom For The Wolf

Friday, 4/13

4:30 PM  |  The Lyric
Guests: Amanda Kamanchek Lemos, director, Lucas Kakuda, director of photography, Raquel dos Santos, subject

Chega de Fiu Fiu

7:30 PM  |  The Lyric
Guest: Heather White, director


Saturday, 4/14

3:30 PM  |  Lory Student Center Theatre
Guest: TBD

69 Minutes of 86 Days

6:30 PM  |  Lory Student Center Theatre
Guests: Stevie Salas, executive producer & Christina Fon, producer

RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World