Hungry To Learn


HUNGRY TO LEARN by Geeta Gandbhir and Soledad O’Brien introduce the faces behind an American crisisーcollege students so strapped by tuition costs that they are unable to eat or afford a place to live.This film destroys the stereotype of college students who live off Ramen Noodles. Joey, an aspiring Air Force Pilot is a middle-class kid with two parents, but he eats at food pantries. Shaquara inches towards a college degree while struggling with homelessness. Isabella is embarrassed that classmates can hear her stomach grumble from hunger. Professor Sara Goldrick-Rabfights to change a startling statistic: that forty-five percent of college students regularly go hungry.Colleges opened their doors to students of fewer means butraised tuition and cut financial aid. This verité film, shot by award-winning cinematographers Rudy Valdez and Asad Faruqi, is about what happened next.


Geeta Gandbhir
United States
84 min


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Rams Against Hunger and Mobile Food Pantry