Divided neatly into three sections (“House,” “Homestead,” and “Community”), Crystal Kayiza’s poetic group portrait of the titular North Carolina county goes deeper that a standard journalistic account of racialized poverty to show, with the patience and sensitivity of a seasoned auteur, an African American population thriving — emotionally if not economically — in their rural surroundings and mutual support for one another. The fact that this up-and-coming filmmaker, trained in documentary production at Ithaca College and committed to social justice from a young age, is just beginning her career makes the technical mastery and artistic vision of Edgecombe even more noteworthy.

Written by David Scott Diffrient

Edgecombe still


Crystal Kayiza
15 min


ACT Selected Short Film Block
Saturday, April 13

Lory Student Center Theatre
10:30 a.m.

Colorado Premiere

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